More about Young-Ik

Youngik Sohn
Assistant Professor at KAIST EE

Youngik received a Ph.D. degree from Lončar group at Harvard University in 2018. In his doctoral dissertation, Young-Ik has pioneered the application of nano-electromechancial systems (NEMS) to diamond color centers with the ultimate goal for developing novel quantum technologies. His work includes the coupling of electron spin qubit with acoustic phonons as well as the coherence time improvement of the spin via mechanical engineering.

After Ph.D., Young-Ik has joined the quantum computer startup, PsiQuantum, as an R&D engineer to develop photonic quantum computer. PsiQuantum is one of the most-well funded quantum computing startups.

From October 2020, he will continue to develop quantum device technologies at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) as a full-time faculty.